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1. The costal surface or subscapular fossa is concave and is directed medially and forwards. It is marked by three longitudinal ridges. The spine of the scapula or scapular spine is a prominent plate of bone, which crosses obliquely the medial four-fifths of the scapula at its upper part, and separates the supra- from the infraspinatous fossa. Spine of scapula Left scapula seen from behind Position of spine of scapula shown in red Details Identifiers LatinSpina scapulae TA98A02.4.01.005 TA21147 FMA13453 Anatomical terms of bone Surfaces of scapula. The scapula is a flat bone that has two surfaces: anterior (costal) surface, and; dorsal surface. The anterior or costal surface of the scapula is slightly concave and projects forward.

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på plats mot collum scapulae då axeln utåtroteras efter en luxation. Levy O, Copeland S A: Cementless surface replacement arthroplasty ( Copeland  We hereby certify that, to the best of our knowledge, no aspect of our current Intramuscular nerve arborization of the psoas major muscle was the largest from for botulinum neurotoxin injection: Application to cosmetic shoulder contouring,  av EM Goytia Vasquez · 2014 — symptomatic or symptomatic. The most common reason is the weakness of the main shoulder A case-control study with surface and fine-wire. EMG. Journal of  upper trapezius (UT) is often related to neck and shoulder pain. örsnibben, acromion och trochanter major (Kendall, McCreary & Provance, 2005). Vidare bipolar surface electromyogram recordings of the upper trapezius muscle.

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It is the site of the glenohumeral joint, and of various muscle attachments. Its important  1 Jul 2020 The surface voxels of the scapula were identified on 2143 CT-scanned The main exceptions from this pattern were the third and fourth largest  The shoulder is made up of 2 main bones: the end of upper arm bone your hand or arm is outstretched to stop the fall, or when you fall on a hard surface.

Main surface of scapula

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Main surface of scapula

Se hela listan på Queen Margaret University Se hela listan på Se hela listan på Surfaces of scapula The supraspinous fossa is the smallest of the two fossae, and its medial two-thirds give origin to the supraspinatus The infraspinous fossa is much larger than the supraspinous fossa. Its medial two-thirds give origin to the The superolateral surface of the costal scapula is the coracoid process. The pectoralis minor attaches here, while the coracobrachialis and biceps brachii muscles originate from this projection. Lateral Surface. The lateral surface of the scapula meets the humerus. It is the position of the glenohumeral joint, and of numerous muscle attachments.

Main surface of scapula

The rhomboideus major muscle was attached on the medial border of the scapula opposite the infraspinous fossa and could be traced to the dorsal surface of the bone just above the inferior angle. All the three muscles overlapped the costal surface of the serratus anterior fascia for about three centimeters. origin- anterior surface of scapula insertion- anteriorly on humorous joint crossed- shoulder action- rotates arm medially and stabilises joint.
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Main surface of scapula

A scapula’s posterior surface is crossed obliquely by a prominent ridge, the spine, which divides the bone into two Outer surface of ribs 2-5 or 3-5 or 6. Medial aspect of coracoid process of the scapula. Medial pectoral nerve, C8,T1 • Depresses & downwardly rotates the scapula. • Assists in scapular protraction from a retracted position. • Stabilizes the scapula. Insertion: Costal surface of the scapula along its medial border.

Se hela listan på The scapula has a triangular body with three main processes coming off the body. On the posterior side is the spine of the scapula that ends in the acromion process, which articulates with the lateral end of the scapula. 2017-06-24 · Anatomy of scapula 1. ANATOMY OF SCAPULA Vibhuti Nautiyal MPT (Musculoskeletal) 2. ANATOMY Large, flat and triangular bone Placed on the posterolateral aspect of the thoracic cage Has two surfaces, three borders, three angles and three processes 3. TWO SURFACES 1.
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Main surface of scapula

figg . but the caput scapulae shows at the anterior angle ( a ) an ascending rough surface , which has no doubt served for  Hairless variety: It is a very attractive dog; the most important characteristic The body, measured from the point of shoulder to the point of buttock and from the scissor bite with the superior incisors overlapping; the interior surface of the. The Scapula - Surfaces - Fractures - Winging - TeachMeAnatomy. Anatomy Muscles of the Pectoral Region - Major - Minor - TeachMeAnatomy. Teach me  The nutrient foramen of the humerus is located in the anteromedial surface of the humerus. The pectoralis major, teres major, and latissimus dorsi insert at the  scapula: anterior view of the bones of the right shoulder Medicinsk Teknologi, Radiologi, depict the base of skull (including inner surface), sagittal section through skull, A basic human skeleton is studied in schools with a simple diagram.

The front of the scapula (also known as the costal or ventral surface) has a broad concavity called the subscapular fossa, to which the subscapularis muscle attaches. The medial two-thirds of the fossa have 3 longitudinal oblique ridges, and another thick ridge adjoins the lateral border; they run outward and upward. Se hela listan på 2021-02-23 · The scapula has two surfaces; on the anterior aspect is the smooth costal surface, which is concave in shape and is majorly taken up by the subscapular fossa.
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1.4k anterior surface of the scapula. At the lateral angle of the scapula the shallow, oval-shaped glenoid cavity articulates with the head of the humerus at the glenohumeral joint.

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av MJ Douma · 2020 · Citerat av 6 — Largest LV cross-sectional area is 0–2 vertebral segments below inferior angle of the (CT) to correlate the surface landmarks overlying the left ventricle.

Defekt. Extensor Indicis: Origin - posterior surface of ulna and interosseous membrane. Serratus Anterior: (Winged Scapula), Abducts, upwardly rotates and depresses scapula, Anatomy Arcade makes basic human anatomy come ALIVE through  The Nili Fossae region of Mars is one of the largest exposures of clay minerals Colour enhanced image of the Memnonia Fossae on the surface of the planet The scapula has two dorsal fossae, separated by the spine of the bone, and one  alternation of the scapular kinematics and muscular activities assessed by electromagnetic motion-capturing system and surface electromyography (EMG). The blade - bone ( scapula ) ( Pl .